24 thoughts on “Doesn’t Use Cookies

  1. Explained: When a site “uses cookies” that means it saves data. For example, if you click a “Got it, don’t show again” button, it basically creates a cookie that says don’t show that button again. But since this site doesn’t use cookies, it doesn’t save a cookie saying don’t show the button again, so it still shows when he goes to the site again.

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      1. bladeandarmor – I didn’t get it :p
        Many of us see things from different angles
        Thanks to artist for explaining 🙂

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  2. If you don’t get the joke, cookies are little bits of information that a web server (website) sends to your browser, which the browser saves. It does this in case you come back, so you don’t have to re-enter info. If there are no cookies, that means it can’t save the info to not show the message again, because it can’t remember if you clicked yes or no.

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