IMPORTANT UPDATE. After hearing concerns about the new website, The Jenkins will continue to update on WordPress, so RSS won’t be interfered with, and you can still comment on new comics.

It may be five years overdue, but The Jenkins finally has its its own dedicated website:!

Wait—No comments, no RSS feed, no search bar?? This sounds like a major downgrade.

UPDATE: Ok so after launching this site, I’m realizing that it is a downgrade from what’s here already. After seeing your feedback, this WordPress blog will continue to update and serve as a home for The Jenkins.

What happens to this site??

UPDATE: This site will continue to update as normal.

Where are the numbered comics from 2016 to 2018?

They will be added eventually.

I’m clicking the link, but it takes me back here??

Try clearing your browser cache. The .net site used to forward to this one. If that’s still not working, and you still really want to see the site, use an incognito window.