4 thoughts on “Escher

    1. Better late than never, I guess:
      1. The “going down the stairs” trick is a bit of pantomime you can do while your lower body is hidden. By crouching down more and more while you walk forward, you can give the illusion that you’re walking down a flight of stairs – provided your audience can’t see your legs and you’re able to keep a straight posture.
      2. Maurits Cornelis Escher was a Dutch artist who made mathematically inspired pictures, many of which involve playing with perspective. One of his works, titled Ascending and Descending, depicts a rectangular staircase that, despite winding downwards, eventually rejoins its own upper end, creating a loop of stairs one can keep going down on without actually going down; this is clearly impossible in real life.
      Σ. Escher in the comic is doing the stairs trick, but on his impossible staircase, so he pretends to go down while not going down. This is confusing at best.

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