12 thoughts on “Unsupervised Learning

  1. I would love to crack a Machine Learning pun but that would require a deep learning curve for some of you to understand it. (I didn’t write this)


  2. Unsupervised learning is a technique used in machine learning, where the data is unlabelled and the AI is left to discover patterns on its own. This contrasts with supervised learning, in which the data is labelled and the AI is guided towards a “right answer” (e.g. an image recognition software based on training data, where an image of a goldfish is labelled “goldfish”).

    This comic is a pun on “unsupervised learning”, as instead of the AI doing the unsupervised learning, the class is doing the unsupervised learning. Despite this likely being a university class, the class acts like stereotypical elementary school students who are known to be mischievous when the teacher leaves, spilling drinks and knocking over chairs.


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