Dog Company


5 thoughts on “Dog Company

  1. idk but reminds me of SPACE DOGS. BTW, if you do finish the game, will it be free? If so, it could be an open source project, which would probably accelerate development & bug finding/fixing…


  2. Comic suggestion:
    Panel 1
    Junior: It’s international catchphrase day
    Butch: I hate catchphrases, they’re just an excuse to not have to tell jokes
    Panel 2
    Junior: Know what you need?
    Butch: don’t say it
    Panel 3
    Junior: Some of that fine monkey cola, yes sir!
    Butch: phooey
    Barney(on the side this whole time): I prefer coffee


  3. Comic suggestion:
    Panel 1
    Butch walks outside his house
    Panel 2
    A crowd starts cheering, saying stuff like “Butch is back!” and startles Butch
    Panel 3:
    Butch looks around confused
    Panel 4:
    Butch closes the door
    The crowd says a collective “aaawwwwww.”


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